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Cyber Clean HypoAllergenic (Tintless)

Zip Bag 80g
Pop up cup 145g
  • Manufacture
  • Cyber Clean
  • Color
  • Tintless
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  • In Stock
  • Warning
  • *beware of copycat versions of the original Cyber Clean compound List of copycats

Easy steps for removing allergens

  1. Remove the compound from its packaging and knead it for about 10 seconds. This allows the compound to adapt to the pH value of your skin. Use only with dry hands

  2. Place the compound on to the surface you wish to clean and press firmly to allow Cyber Clean to enter into all gaps and crevices

  3. Pull the compound out. Dirt and bacteria are trapped inside the membrane system. Repeat cleaning action if necessary

  4. Put the compound back into its re-sealable packaging and close it carefully to ensure the compound remains fresh. Store the product in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Cyber Clean is a natural and safe way of cleaning

After a decade of careful research and testing, the Cyber Clean cleaning compound was introduced in 2007. It consists mainly of natural ingredients such as water, ethanol and guar gum. The product has gone through rigorous testing by independent laboratories

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